Let’s Talk About Flamin Hot Cheetos (and our feelings)


We all have that food, or food like substance, that we can’t quite control ourselves around

For some it’s donuts, cookies, or ice cream

For others it’s cheese or freshly baked bread

But for me it’s Flaming Hot Cheetos

And I’m not alone

What is it that makes them so irresistible to us?

I tried to answer this question in a podcast episodes for the “Moms Don’t Have Time to Move and Shake” podcast.

I interviewed  five strangers 

Laura Quimbao, 

Christian Garcia, 

Yinka Landeinde

Mika Bekkerman

Noreen Sandino,

who all shared my obsession!

And I talked to Katie Schmidt, Food Behavioral Therapist,  who shared some tips on how we might be able to deal with our obsession.

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