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From commercials to corporate explainers and even the voice of God, whatever your project I’d love to help you connect with your audience and deliver your message.

My experience is diverse and includes comprehensive training in all genres of voiceover, live-storytelling, theater, and stand up comedy. I bring all of these skills with me when I step behind a mic.

I’ve been told my quirky, raspy, alto voice reminds people of Kristen Bell or Zoey Deschanel. It’s the no-nonsense mom-next-door with a cup full of charm and a pinch of sass (okay maybe it’s more like a pint of sass). Plus, I’m fluent in Russian and proficient in Spanish. Check out my work samples snd demos below to get a taste of it in living color!

My life experiences are diverse (to put it mildly). I grew up in a small town in the former Soviet Union and learned English by watching Star Trek the Next Generation (I may have accidentally learned Klingon, too…). I taught intertidal ecology as a teen, earned an MBA (no one knows why), and even performed stand up comedy (just the once — oy to the Vey!).

While all of that may feel random at first glance, at the core of everything I’ve done and everything I still want to do is storytelling. It’s my passion, my drive, and my zone of genius. And I love nothing more than sharing stories with other good people navigating this tricky thing called life.

My stories are rooted in my experience as an immigrant and are shaped by my interest in belonging, identity, and bias.

I’m a natural born storyteller and performer. Clients (and friends that I don’t even pay) say that they appreciate my storytelling for my vulnerability, HUMOR, and depth. I don’t want to toot my own horn too much, but some kind souls have even compared me to Brene Brown (after two drinks) and Erma Bombeck. I, on the other hand, like to say my storytelling persona is what you’d get if David Sedaris and Tina Fey had a baby and raised it in the Soviet Union.

Hi, I'm Yuliya

storyteller, humorist, writer, & performer

Yuliya, rhymes with Goo-lia

Demetri Rizos,
San Francisco City Guides

"We needed quick results. Yuliya provided us with a polished video well within our timeline. Her upbeat voice was an asset to the finished product. She is a perfect storyteller!"

Scott Tashjian,
Eat Drink SF Festival

"We needed someone not only enthusiastic but relatable to our audience demo, and she knocked it out of the park! She recorded quickly yet effectively and even provided a few script adjustments to help make the ad more powerful!"

Roger Nys,
Chan Zuckerberg BioHub

"Yuliya's voice is wonderful, and she can change her style to fit what's needed. In short, I highly recommend Yuliya for voiceover work. She's first rate!"


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Do you still need someone to tell your story though? Because I’d like to help. I know a lot of brilliant, professional voice actors who probably sound nothing like that orchid murdering ex girlfriend of yours. Why don't you let me know more about your project and we can go from there.

So, I need voiceover BUT your voice reminds me of the ex girlfriend who "accidentally" murdered my orchid.


Are you a student working on a student film? A non-profit that's looking to get funding? A burgeoning entrepreneur from a traditionally marginalized group crowdfunding your dream?
Sure, I’d love to help. I donate 10% of my time to this kind of work. Inquire with the form above.

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An excellent resource that helps you estimate fair and equitable rates is the
GVAA Rate Guide. But in a nutshell, cost depends on:

The length of your script. Is it a 30-second spot or a 60-minute documentary narration?

The usage of the voiceover. Is it being used for broadcast media (like TV or radio)? Or will it live on your website and the occasional YouTube pre roll ad?

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The duration of the spot. How many media cycles is it being used for? Or do you need it in perpetuity?

Best thing to do: just reach out and I can send an estimate for your project.

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That’s the amazing thing about a voice actor — they have the acting training to sound just like a regular human being talking to their best friend over a coffee. But pro tip for you: if you want them to sound like a regular human, you need to write copy that sounds like an actual human would say it. For example, you probably wouldn’t tell your best friend all about this great new product you’ve discovered by starting off your chat with the word “introducing.”

But I want it to sound like a real person and not some announcery voice actor!


First of all, that’s “administrative business partner” to you Bob.

And second of all, I know you want to put your best foot forward, so hire the talent to help you do it. You’ll be able to hear the difference, and your customers will too.

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Studio: broadcast quality home studio (fully treated Whisper Room)

Connectivity: Source Connect Standard (phone patch, zoom, and more)

Microphones: Neumann TLM 103 and Sennheiser MKH416

DAW: Scarlett focusrite

Software: Twisted Wave

Give me all the details on your studio, please.


I’m based in beautiful San Francisco. (And yes I like the fog.)

But like, where are you “from” from? You look …ethnic.

My heritage is Eastern European and Jewish. I’m originally from the former Soviet Union. This means that I speak Russian fluently and Ukrainian (but only with intensive dialect coaching from good ole mom and dad.) I also speak a neutral Spanish that sounds more from Spain and less from Central and South America. In general, I have a great ear and can do accents/ pronounce most words in other languages correctly. However, if you are looking for a person whose heritage and lived experience is something else: hire them! If you need help finding a particular voice with a particular lived experience, reach out! I know lots and lots of wonderful, talented people.

So where are you from?


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P.S. In my spare time, I'm a voice actor. Listen in.