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It turns out self care is more than indulging in baths and spa treatments! In this article we look at the multifaceted concept of self-care which encompasses  attending to physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual needs.

Not surprisingly, sleep emerged as a crucial aspect of self-care. And I looked at  insights from individuals who have used data tracking to optimize their sleep quality, how to address sleep disruptors like caffeine, alcohol, and environmental factors, and what we can do to establish routines and create a conducive sleeping environment.

Read it for practical tips for improving sleep, including exploring supplements, adjusting sleep environments, and incorporating activities that support sleep such as mindfulness practices and reducing media consumption. 

Movement is another aspect of self-care, with a focus on incorporating intentional, realistic, and approachable activities throughout the day to break sedentary habits.

Additionally, this article delves into the concept of different types of rest beyond physical rest, including mental, spiritual, emotional, sensory, social, and creative rest. Turns out neglecting any of these types of rest can have adverse effects on health, happiness, and productivity!

Through conversations with diverse interview subjects we uncovered sone of the cultural and societal factors influencing attitudes toward rest and self-care, and that ultimately prioritizing rest despite societal pressures is important. 

Don’t miss  practical strategies for protecting rest and self-care, such as knowing one’s needs, advocating for oneself, and communicating boundaries.

  1. Gaby Makstman: A local mom and self-taught biohacker who emphasizes the importance of tracking data to optimize sleep quality and overall well-being. She shares her experience of using wearable technology to improve her sleep and recovery score.
  2. Quiana Darden: An entrepreneur and mom who shares her experience of addressing sleep struggles, particularly with her daughter who has autism. She discusses the importance of establishing routines to meet her own needs while supporting her daughter’s independence.
  3. Caitlin Massingill: A CEO and single mom who advocates for Yoga Nidra as a practice to improve sleep quality. She emphasizes the benefits of incorporating mindfulness practices before bedtime.
  4. Latoya Dixon Smith: A boudoir photographer, mom of two, and self-proclaimed “nap queen” who highlights the therapeutic value of naps as a form of rest. She shares how napping helps her manage feelings of overwhelm and anxiety.
  5. Kathryn Blaze: A virtual personal trainer who promotes movement as a rest mechanism. She encourages incorporating intentional movement throughout the day to break sedentary habits.
  6. Dr. Saundra Dalton-Smith: Author of “Sacred Rest,” who identifies seven types of rest lacking in people’s lives. She emphasizes the importance of addressing various forms of rest for overall health and well-being.
  7. Autumn Saunders: A self-discovery guide who challenges cultural norms around rest and encourages her community to prioritize rest. She discusses societal pressures and the need to redefine acceptable standards of busyness.
  8. Holly Conti: A business owner and mom who advocates for incorporating moments of rest and downtime throughout the day to combat revenge bedtime procrastination. She shares her personal practices for self-care.
  9. Julie Neale: Bay Area leadership coach, mom of two, and founder of Mother’s Quest, who created a menu of morning practice options for self-care. She emphasizes the importance of starting the day with self-care rituals.
  10. Christina Garrett: A coach and business owner who emphasizes the need to prioritize rest and sleep to better serve others. She shares her method of involving her children in household tasks to create pockets of time for self-care.
  11. Anastasiya Rutus: A local mom and rest coach who helps people integrate sustainable self-care routines into their lives. She encourages creating a list of activities that bring joy and emphasizes modeling restful behavior for children.


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